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Let’s assume this is your first day at a new job. After all the emails, video calls, and in-person interviews, how would you feel if your new manager forgot your name? What could possibly be more demoralizing than learning you didn’t make much of an impression?

Psychologists at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland conducted a study to assess people’s experiences of being forgotten. In one of the four experiments they ran, 56 students were made to keep online diaries at the beginning of the school calendar year so they could note every time they were forgotten.

According to the…

Your cheat sheet to some of the most important metrics to boost growth — discover how to keep your customers around for the long haul.

This article was originally posted on Chameleon Blog— a tool that is helping companies to boost retention and revenue rates by educating users.

Retention is a competitive advantage and key differentiator for companies that operate the subscription-based pricing model. With the multiple and frequent touchpoints in a typical SaaS customer lifecycle, it would be hard to break-even and find growth if users don’t stick around your product, find value, and become promoters.

Moreover, it’s 5x…

Disclaimer: This is an independent review of Nathan Latka’s insightful interview with Sam Caucci (CEO, 1Huddle) on The Top Entrepreneurs podcast.

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Welcome to my corner of the internet where I write reviews of the most informative and downloaded growth podcasts in the world.

Startup founders, growth product managers, product marketing managers, and anyone interested in growth will find this review very useful (do well to share after reading).

Listening to podcasts is a perfect mix of entertainment and education for me.

During my regular morning walks, my headset is always blaring captivating episodes that help to position my mindset for…

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When it comes to CRO for SaaS products, a percentage increase (1%) in conversion is quite significant.

Moreover, the average conversion rate for SaaS ranges between 3–5%, while a great conversion rate would begin from 8%.

However, every SaaS business is unique. So, it’s not advisable to entirely focus on industry CRO benchmarks.

Rather, it’s worthwhile to also give attention to the incremental steps and milestones (micro-conversions) that help your customers to reach set goals (macro conversions) within your SaaS product.

For an eCommerce website, adding a product to cart is a micro-conversion, while making a purchase can be considered…

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